#communityfirst by Andrew Stripp

The importance of Instameets!

First off an Instameet isn't some sort of speed dating service offering instant hook-ups a la Tinder. It's when a group of Instagrammers, of any account size, fame, ego and subject meet at a time and place to, each other.

We live in a social media age which has made us more and more unsocial with our fellow homo sapiens. So rather than just double tapping on a photo to show your 'engagement' with an account, we want to encourage people to actually meet in person; to be social, drink a coffee (sometimes a beer) and actually engage, like properly engage with the person stood in front of you. 

Yesterday morning 15 of us met up to take a walk, shoot photos and drink some coffees. Without any real plan we wandered down from Centraal Station, through the red light district to the iconic Love Me street art piece. Then across to some Rokin to grab a coffee and onwards.

I really hope we can arrange more and more of these meets as it's always a great experience to meet the people behind accounts, regardless if you have 100,000 followers or 100. After all we know we have at least one thing in common - Instagram.

The beautiful faces behind the accounts...

The beautiful faces behind the accounts...

If you want to come along to the next Instameet then sign-up on the homepage and i'll email you when we are meeting next. Hopefully more regularly as the weather gets a little less er....Dutch.