Instagram account appraisal

Instagram is a great way to engage a population of people you may not necessarily be able to otherwise reach. It's perfect for using personally and also for building an audience of people to sell products too. Whether you just want to create a better profile for your cat pictures, post professional photos or you're a small business owner looking to boost your audience, this workshop is for you.

2 hour account Appraisal - €295*

This 1:1 consultation includes:

  • 30 minute pre-appraisal of your Instagram account
  • 1 hour in person (tailored) meeting
  • 30 minute follow-up / outcome appraisal at 1 month

Need awesome content but no idea how to create it? WE DO! 

We find that many businesses don't know how to create content, don't have the time to create it, or don't know how to sort the good stuff from the bad! 

We'll take a look through your feed and tell you what we think (don't worry we'll be honest). You'll receive an appraisal document which will include our recommendations for moving your account successfully forward.

BUT, that's not all. We'll follow-up with you after a month to look at how far you've come. We'll then walk you through a longer term strategy. 

*all prices are excl VAT/BTW. For courses outside of Amsterdam ring travel time and cost will be charged (agreed upfront).