Amsterdam Boat Experience / by Andrew Stripp

What better way to see Amsterdam than by boat. Couple that with some good time Grammers and beers and it's perfect. The lovely people from Amsterdam Boat Experience asked us to invite 20 of our Instagram friends along for an evening of cruising. Who says no to a boat ride right?

Ahoy shipmates

Ahoy shipmates

Wow, you think, these companies are just giving it all away right... well yes and no!

Companies are waking up to the fact Instagram and P2P marketing is the WAY TO GO! What better way to advertise a product or service than by getting someone who already has a following to spread the word for you - you're more likely to trust their judgment than an advert on Facebook right? 

So that's where Think Visual Media comes in handy. We facilitate everything, from direct contact with the Instagrammers, arranging a date that works for everyone and suggesting what you can do as a company to encourage them to post content.

In this instance we had 20 Instagrammers with a combined follower base of 500k+ on a boatride for 90 minutes. Everyone posted a photo of the event and tagged Amsterdam Boat Experience. The result: One happy client, with lots of re-postable content and several bookings.

Get in touch if you want to arrange something similar.