Museum Volkenkunde, Cool Japan / by Andrew Stripp

Cool Japan Instameet, 6th May 2017

Image courtesy of Volkenkunde Museum

Image courtesy of Volkenkunde Museum

What's the best way to tell the Instagram world about a cool new exhibition that's happening? INSTAMEET! On the 6th of May we arranged for 55 Instagrammers to come to a private viewing of the Cool Japan exhibit at the Museum Volkenkunde, Leiden.

Instameets are an awesome way to really get to know your and engage with your community and to reach a much wider number of people through Instagram and the photos that people share.

We designed this as a smaller, more intimate viewing to suit the exhibit, rather than a larger 100+ person event. We were also treated to a fascinating lecture by the curator of the exhibit, which really added to the whole experience (that and some great food).

Stay Cool Japan!